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E300 series continuous ink jet

E330 ink jet printer(1)

1.AMS technology is a way to find the best split point automatically without being affected by ambient temperature or humidity, or manual adjustment, jet printing stability is guaranteed.

2.Modular design and mould production of nozzle and ink core make it easy to replace components and standardize structure and size, so as to make sure stable jet printing.

3.Automatic cleaning, separation and recycle technology of ink core control box module ensures stable viscosity and saves consumable items. 

4.With superspeed battery charging algorithm, 115000 split ink drops per second will be fully utilized by battery charging.

5.It supports remote control over multiple ink-jet printers by WIFI or cable connection.

6.Ink solvent applies flow calculation and liquid level detection to make sure each drop of ink is utilized.

7.Compact design and low cost maintenance, provides after-sales service for the whole machine or modules delivered back to the manufacturers.