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Inkjet printing characters are not clear how to do?

Today, inkjet printer has spread to many industries, each manufacturer to identify the awareness products more widely, which spawned a diverse inkjet printer. Stenciling in our daily lives, the most common is the production date, LOGO, design, two-dimensional codes, bar codes, etc. Personnel to operate over inkjet printer occasionally encountered some minor problems, such as writing printing unclear. So when we face this problem how to solve it? Today, emico engineers always a few key points to address inkjet spray word problems is not clear. I hope to give the majority of users to provide some help:

1. Carefully clean the inkjet nozzle, carefully check the ink line.
2. adjust the height and width of the character, until the print is clear.
3. for different printing materials, using high quality imported ink different models, the need to assist manufacturers recommended ink models. Customers do not secretly change ink
4. to improve inkjet printer system, phase detection accuracy, so as to achieve the best charging, printing effects.