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Service is an integral part of our business, available on request at any time to provide packaging, the required mark on the product or printed material, code, and images services. Our service include:

• Application Support.

• Installation Services: buy our products, we have a dedicated staff free home installation, so that you can put to use the fastest

• Maintenance Training: We may be invited to provide free routine maintenance and training services, you'll soon be able to easily use our machines to print the information you want

• Customer Response Center: After receiving customer feedback information to the fastest speed we can make decisions in response to your request, to help you solve problems encountered in the use.

• Technical Support: Our machine three years free warranty

• On-site service. If the customer needs, we can provide solutions to the problem of on-site service.

• Extends phone support period. 7 * 24 telephone customer service

• parts and supplies. We recommend that you use our original parts and emico brand supplies

• maintenance services. After the warranty period, we have specialized technical personnel to provide paid service

Customer Training:

If you want to repair and maintain the inkjet printer, EMICO one hundred million Maike will provide customer training courses related to inkjet printer.For more information about the EMICO customer training courses, please call 0755-26973299 or 0755-26973599, or contact EMICO affiliates or local EMICO distributor for details.